Citygate Students & 20’s

Citygate Students & 20’s

Citygate Centre in Bournemouth town centre, home of Citygate Church, is based within Dorchester House accommodation that houses 600 university students. Many of the students from outside the area look to join a welcoming and thriving community.

CityGate’s ‘Students and Twenties’ group connects with others through social events often based around food. Envista Branding helped them develop a new brand identity to encourage others to participate in their social gatherings. The group’s limited budget was maximised by Envista’s ability to source a limited number of high-quality, contemporary products that had credibility when worn on the street. In other words, it was essential that the students wanted to wear them among their peers.

The project is a great success, and the team are proudly wearing their t-shirts and snap-back caps ensuring a strong brand presence.

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