Old Mutual

Old Mutual

Leading wealth management firm The Old Mutual Wealth group is the title sponsor of England Rugby Men’s and Women’s Old Mutual Wealth Series 2016. It is also committed to helping grass-roots rugby prosper through its ‘Kids First’ programme.

Kids First is a new approach to U7-U13 rugby at over 500 clubs and schools across the country. It promotes understanding of what motivates children and encourages them, with the support of their coach, to give their all for themselves and their team mates.

Envista Branding was commissioned to provide a number of branded items including green rugby boot laces, lanyards, whistles and medal ribbons.

All Old Mutual Wealth Kids First clubs and schools will receive green laces during the 2016-17 season which will be used as a weekly reward to children who are demonstrating the core values of the game. Coaches will identify one player per week who is championing these values and they will be rewarded with a pair of green laces.

Watch the video showing three England Rugby players paying a visit to one of the UK clubs that has taken the Old Mutual Wealth Kids First pledge, surprising them with a training session and delivery of the green laces and lanyards.

We were also proud to see the triumphant England Men’s Rugby Union team wear the medal ribbons we created for Old Mutual as they collected their trophy as winners of the Old Mutual Wealth Series 2016.


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